The Breakthrough Session

Get the real answers you need to take action.

You know how fantastic a fresh idea can be… it comes on with a bolt of inspiration, the concepts start flowing, the connections and opportunities are so clear! 

Later, when you sit down to pull all the bits and pieces together - the digital services, the right strategy - the whole idea starts to lose its shine and inspiration under all of the details. 

The thing is, your business is a little different, and you don’t want to make important decisions uninformed. There’s a lot more to this project waiting on the horizon for you, and you know better than to set yourself up for a difficult path by using the wrong tools. 

Figuring out exactly how to make the next step work is driving you crazy, and frankly, it’s crushing the hell out of your inspiration. 


“I know it CAN’T be that complicated”

You're's not that complicated.

You just need someone to give you the right steps, so you can get it done. 

Someone who not only understands your goals, and how you’re trying to serve your people, but someone with the expertise to give you real guidance on how to bring your concept into reality. 

With clear answers, a download on what to expect, and someone to show you how to connect all the pieces together; you could probably get this whole thing figured out, assembled and ready to use by late next week! 

You know that with a right tools and system in place, you could go back to doing (and enjoying) what you built your business to do, and stop wasting time agonizing over technical details and floundering in your work. 

Here's what I know: with the right guidance, you're unstoppable.

You've made it this far already, and that's saying something. 

My name is Starlight, and I help thought-leaders & visionaries who are bogged down in the details of taking their project to the next level.  I help them trailblaze a path through the confusion, get back to doing what they love, and see their vision become reality. 

With years of expertise in helping visionary entrepreneurs bring their talents to the world, I can help you make a real leap forward, putting you back on track. This isn't cookie-cutter guidance like "post on social media every day" - this is a personalized action and systems setup list that will make a real impact in YOUR business, towards YOUR goals, and amplifying YOUR vision. 

My name is Starlight (yes, really)
and I can help. Here's proof.

Imagine that you...

  • Have a step by step process you can follow so you can get things done (finally!).
  • Feel equipped & confident about the best next steps, and motivated to take action.
  • Have an expert in your corner who can help you make fast progress so you can get onto the next stage.
  • Sit down to work and you know exactly what to focus on.
  • Have the important tasks front and center, and you're not wasting time endlessly googling. 
The Breakthrough Session includes...

Get unstuck and get it done.

You can finally get back to doing what you love. And I can help. 

Invest in your growth. 

The Breakthrough Session ...................... $99

Your personalized action plan needs to drive in the direction that aligns with your vision. During your Breakthrough Zoom sesh, get the expert answers you need so you can start taking action immediately. This is where you get the insights you’ve been looking for and where we clear the confusion.  

Your must-have next steps, with clear, achievable tasks you can accomplish with a few days of focused action. It includes all the essential details, technology overview and execution steps you need to get. it. done!

Your chances for success are going up! 5-10 days later, you’ll have a 2nd opportunity to check-in, make sure you have what you need, and you haven’t run into any unexpected obstacles.

How It Works

STEP ONE: Book your Breakthrough Session
Pick an available appointment time from my booking calendar to schedule & pay for your Breakthrough Session.

STEP TWO: Complete Intake Questions
As soon as your booking is confirmed you will get an email with your intake questions to fill out. This needs to be done prior to your session appointment. 

STEP THREE: Breakthrough Session
You and I meet on Zoom to get into the nitty gritty of your current obstacles and goal. We will spend an hour answering all your pressing questions, giving you the clarity, recommendations and actionable next steps to get you on your way!

STEP FOUR: Your Personalized Action Plan ARRIVES
Your personalized action plan arrives to your inbox the very next day with all the notes, important details and steps we discussed in your Breakthrough Session. Not only does it have the all important step-by-step action guide, I've made it easy for you with tutorials for any complicated or advanced steps.

Divided into areas of focus, you can accomplish tasks that appeal to your current motivation level, hopping around the action list as you feel inspired.

Please Note: Some of your action steps might require signing up for relevant online business services. Rest assured, my goal is to get you as effectively far as I can with the most bang for your buck, and I only recommend tested and researched tools that are essential to your progress - with features I know will help you succeed, at prices that make sense for your stage in business. You are always free to choose a different tool or method of implementation.

STEP FIVE: Accountability Check-In Session
When we meet for your final check-in, it's an opportunity to get any clarification or additional insight you need, while keeping you accountable to getting the work done.

Still have questions? Reach out, let's chat.

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The Breakthrough Session...................... $99